Mining pools are attacked 51% of the Bitcoin network Cash


Two pools and, controlling more than half of the network, completed the attack 51% to strip miner stolen funds previously.

Last week, after a scheduled update of the Bitcoin network Cash, it became known that the unknown miner tried to use an exploit to steal coins that were blocked after the last hard forks in the Bitcoin network, when separated BCH. Then the developers had taken steps to implement the solution CLEANSTACK, which blocked access to the coins. However, during the last update, this solution was removed from the Protocol, which gave the opportunity to the unknown hacker to steal them.

When pools and saw this, they, controlling more than half of the network carried out a joint attack 51%, to reorganize the last of the blocks and return the stolen funds. Now the community is, understandably, frustrated because it completely destroys the concept of “decentralization” in the network.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has experienced a coordinated 51% attack.

Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) May 24, 2019

The story is a bit complicated, but guy Swann has done everything possible to explain the situation on Twitter.

During the unintentional fork, someone exploited a bug (details are really hard to find) to add invalid TXs to @Bitcoin_ABC’client’s mempool.

To counter mined empty blocks (the bad blocks TXs made impossible to produce)

— Guy Swann⚡ (@TheCryptoconomy) May 24, 2019

The reasons for the decision

Pools refer to a blog that seems to belong to the attacker, explaining why they made this decision to punish the hacker.

HAHA LOL…..Just buy BTC.

— JSTRECKT (@mikel420) May 24, 2019

For many the news came in sight, but Twitter is definitely formed diametrically opposite opinions about it.

Ultimately, every user now knows that the two mining pools enough power to reorganize the blockchain, but it looks like until they are ready to use for a good cause.

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