Montana ordered cryptainer to use only renewable energy


The Board of commissioners of the County of Missoula, Montana, unanimously adopted the decision on the introduction of new rules for companies involved in mining cryptocurrencies. These rules were proposed last month to protect the health of County residents, their safety and peace of mind, and overall well-being.

The main focus in adopting the rules was made on the possible adverse effects of the mining of cryptocurrencies, in the form of global warming and e-waste. Now beginners cryptobinary will be able to obtain approval to operate only in regions with renewable energy.

Also miners will need to provide proof that their electronic waste will be recycled by the firm with the appropriate license from the Department of environmental protection.

Attempts to regulate the activities of mining companies

In the decision the Commission stated that for existing mining companies that do not comply with the rules, will be allowed further work, but they will not be able to expand their production, while not lead its work in accordance with the requirements. Rules are set for the year to 3 April 2020.

Representatives of the County’s claim that the mining company Hyperblock now consumes as much electricity as a third of all households in the district, and had planned to increase three times its consumption.

Members of the Commission consider that cryptocurrency uses a huge amount of energy, and they should take action to solve climate change, and to use renewable sources of energy.

The Manager of the company Hyperblock Dan Stivers, said that they only used renewable sources of energy and uses the services of a licensed recycler for recycling electronic waste. He was surprised that the local authorities still Express claims, adding that they provided a viable business model, and their work has brought significant benefits to the region that they previously had not. The company hinted that in the future may file a lawsuit about the legality of such regulation.

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