More Canadians become interested in Bitcoin


According to the updated data provided by the Bank of Canada, 5% of the population own Bitcoin, which testifies to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among Canadians.

Updated report entitled “Awareness and use of Bitcoin in Canada: an update”. An initial study was conducted in 2017, when it was a huge interest in cryptocurrency and the mass fascination with the investment in scriptactive. During this period, the number of owners of Bitcoins has increased from 2.9% to 5%.

User awareness of Bitcoin has also increased from 64% to 85%. The greatest awareness was found among residents of British Columbia (93%) and among Canadians with an income of 70 000 canadian dollars and above (92%). As usual, the percentage interested in cryptocurrency more men and 91 per cent, while among women, only 80% were familiar with Bitcoin.

In the published report the researchers note that, although the increase in the number of owners may not seem too significant, there was a big shift in attitude toward Bitcoin: “during this period, the number of owners among the users of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has not changed significantly, but has changed investors’ objectives. First came the purchase for the purpose of conducting trading operations – from 10 to 39% and for the purpose of investment from 12% to 58%.

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