NASDAQ, presumably, intends to work with cryptocurrencies


The second largest market capitalization on a global level stock exchange NASDAQ plans to add scriptacolous on its platform. This is quite an interesting fact, because stock exchange Cboe and CME were ready to support only exchange-traded financial products such as futures on Bitcoin, Torgovlya which was launched in 2017.

Stock exchange NASDAQ intends to work directly with the cryptocurrency, according to the publication Cryptoglobe.

If the NASDAQ will be able to add to your listing cryptocurrencies, this will attract funds many institutional investors seeking to enter the cryptocurrency sector. At the same time to the SEC will be a precedent for adoption by the ETF, as the main reasons for the refusal to issue a license Gemini was announced what none of the Federal exchanges has not had any transactions with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Information never officially confirmed

Citing a reliable source, which, however, was not specified, the publication reported that at this stage the NASDAQ was closely involved in consideration of this issue with the controller:

“The question of the listing of cryptocurrencies directly linked with the need to classify them in accordance with the legal regulations. The company hopes that with close cooperation with SEC and CFTC, this question will become clearer over the next 3-6 months, even with long-term clarity for each scriptactive separately.”

The NASDAQ still has not officially announced his intention to add cryptocurrency trading, but it is known that the exchange is actively exploring this field of activities in cooperation with various cryptomeria, including the exchange of brothers Winklevoss, Gemini.

If the rumors are true, the NASDAQ has the potential to be a powerful competitor Bakkt ICE in the area of regulated crypto-currency trading on the international level.

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