Network upgrade EOS will increase the transaction speed by 35%


In a statement published in the official blog EOSIO, performance upgrade EOS, version 1.6.0, will allow to increase the speed of transactions in some cases up to 35%. This update provides significant improvements to the network, such as reduced CPU and lower latency in the block chain EOSIO on the basis of the blockchain.

In addition to this update, the team EOSIO, currently, working on improving functionality for creating, developing, and testing their smart contracts, to enhance the confidence of developers and implement the adoption of the blockchain community.

The development team of the project in this update has also released a tool that allows users to create a template and structure for smart contracts, but it is too early to talk about the success of its application.

Team EOS is going to get first feedback when you deploy these updates, and then carry out further improvements.

The EOS project and his plans

EOS currently is in the top 10 cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than $2 billion Is a blockchain platform that has a resemblance to block the Ethereum network, which aims to make the development of Dapp is very simple for developers with good scalability. The project is also aimed at addressing the problem of access for users, facing the industry of the block chain so that ordinary users can use and benefit. The team shared plans eventually to abolish fees for transactions and to build a network that can handle millions of transactions per second.


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