New stablein will appear from the payment service Havven


Today launched another version of licenzirovanie American dollars Australian startup Havven under the Ticker nUSD. The creation of this asset Havven trying to create some crypto-fiaty hybrid, provided the relevant amount of U.S. dollars to reduce problems cryptocore volatility for traders.

On assurances of the company, nUSD is only the first steps in the project programme for the production of cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar. By the end of this year a decentralized payment service will be issued stabilini, with reference to the most popular world currencies – the Euro (nEUR), Australian dollar (nAUD), Japanese yen (nJPY) and the British pound sterling (nGBP).

The solution to the problems of volatility of the stock market

According to the founder of Havven, Kane of Warwick, issue of tokens nUSD will eliminate certain shortcomings that exist in current cryptocurrency ecosystem that are associated with large price fluctuations on the stock market.

Because price volatility is still a serious problem that needs urgent solutions, the issue nUSD will remove some load from cryptostore and will be an important addition to the already released by other companies stabilium.

The stock market desperately needs the digital assets to be secured Fiat money, but in addition, it requires reliable solutions for scaling. The start-up representatives intend to continue to strictly adhere to their plans in accordance with the previously developed roadmap for the production of the token in relation to Fiat currency.

It should be noted that nUSD is not the first stablein created by Australian startup.

In April of this year Havven already released eUSD on the basis of the ERC20, on the Ethereum blockchain.

The head of a startup also announced the creation of joint projects with services Swapy, and Deconet which will add nUSD on your platform.

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