Oasis Labs creates Blockchain incubator for startups


Oasis Labs and some of the world’s largest hedge funds to create an incubator that focuses on secure development of applications of the blockchain technology.

Co-created a framework called “Oasis Startup Hub” aims to assist all developers, technologists and project managers involved in blockchain development, establish new projects based on the platform of Oasis, based on the strategic recommendations of industry experts, technical guidance and access to technologies previously developed by the Oasis Labs, prior to their public announcement.

Providing necessary assistance to the startups

During his speech at SF Blockchain Week, Dawn song, CEO of Oasis Labs, expressed his opinion regarding the necessity of the project:

“We are very interested in creating a test network that will be useful to companies and developers building new scalable applications that protect user data and comply with privacy, but are confined to their platforms. We have developed “Oasis Startup Hub” to bring together experts for invaluable help and collaboration with those who are ready to design, create and deliver exciting new applications.”

According to a press release, in the Startup Hub already includes a number of companies developing focused on the security of blockchain applications that include distributed data systems for artificial intelligence and decentralized lending.

The interest of the crypto community in a safe landscape

According to Oasis Labs, a platform has collected a total of $45 million to launch the project, through extensive advertising, led by a16zcrypto. From companies participating as investors in Oasis Startup Hub are Binance Labs, Accel, Polychain Capital, DCVC, Pantera Capital and others.

As soon as growing scandals about privacy violations, the value of applications that will provide reliable data protection, will continue to grow. Oasis is an important step on the way to creating partnerships designed to address serious problems in today’s computing landscape.

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