OKEx awarded the title “crypto currency exchange of the year” in Malta


OKEx may have lost Binance the title of the biggest exchanges in the world in trading volume, but the title of the world’s best crypto currency exchange of the year was awarded to her during the first awards ceremony Malta Blockchain Awards. OKEx had to fight for the palm with the largest trading volumes of crypto currency exchange Binance and BitBay. They both moved their activities to Malta after the problems in their countries. The awards were given during the two-day Malta summit Blockchain, which was attended by over 5000 participants.

The best among cripture

Awards from Malta Blockchain are a global recognition of cryptocurrency firms and individuals that have made a name for himself in the nascent kriptonyte. To participate in the award of the title, a firm needs to have a strong connection with Malta. Three companies nominated for the award, moved their headquarters to Malta this year. Binance and OKEx were originally based in China, but eventually were forced to move the business to another region, after the government banned the cryptocurrency activity. After initial attempts to obtain a license in Japan and Singapore, both settled in Malta, thanks to a favorable regulatory environment. BitBay was created in Poland, but, faced with regulatory problems and failure in banking services, the exchange moved to Malta.

Commitment to development and innovation

Upon receiving the award, head of unit, OKEx, Andy Cheung said that the award was especially pleasing, as it reflects the confidence of industry leaders in their crypto currency exchange. Chung also reiterated the commitment OKEx to the development of innovative technologies, saying that the company always strives to provide the best conditions for users, build a robust ecosystem to improve kriptonyte and, above all, to revolutionize our world using the blockchain technology.

OKEx is the second largest crypto currency exchange in the world, second only to the Binance. Founded in 2017, the exchange has grown rapidly and today offers more than 400 pairs trading, working with users in more than 100 countries.

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