OKEx C2C platform adds trade with Fiat EUR, RUB and TRY


Based in Malta exchange cryptocurrency OKEx announced the addition of three Fiat currencies: Euro, Turkish Lira and Russian ruble on its peer-to-peer trading platform with Fiat pairs. In an announcement on April 12, OKEx, the representatives indicated that the decision to expand its services in relation to the growing market demand for digital assets in different parts of the world.

Commenting on the new services, Andy Cheung, chief operating officer OKEx, said:

“We strive to create a secure cryptosystem, therefore, never cease to promote the introduction of new technology. We are pleased to expand because our platform C2C will be able to stimulate an increase in the purchase and sale of digital assets across Europe using the new currency”.

Currently OKEx is one of the world’s largest exchanges, according to Coinmarketcap. Operating since 2014 the stock exchange daily trades the cryptocurrency amounting to more than $1.5 billion.

Everyone wants to get a piece piatogo market

Platform C2C from OKEx offers different types of cryptocurrency trading, including spot, margin and derivatives trading.

“This is a big step forward. Given the recent growth of prices of Bitcoins, the entire cryptocurrency market has a strong signal for growth. We believe in the development of the technology of the blockchain in the context of this bullish trend,” added Chung.

Earlier this year, a market competitor OKEx, crypto currency exchange Binance, also launched its subsidiary on trade in pairs Fiat-crypto on the Isle of Jersey, to offer its European customers the opportunity to trade using the Euro and the pound sterling. Have Binance also has ambitious plans to open exchanges in each country, and the next one is planned in Singapore.

OKEx also follow the path of Binance to conquer their part of the world market. This month, the exchange has expanded its services to four States in the United States.

Last month it was reported that the crypto currency exchange is working on creating its own blockchain to run a decentralized platform crypto trading.

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