One of the largest manufacturers of power EOS entered Bitmain and Bitfinex


Among selected manufacturers of power EOS turned out to be two very powerful player of the cryptocurrency market, Bitfinex and Bitmain, joint income which production units EOS daily is about $16 000.

Not so long ago with so much difficulty running the EOS project continues its development, but many in cryptosuite think he is moving towards centralization, instead numerous statements about decentralization.

As it turned out, the voting owners, token EOS, manufacturers of blocks, their list includes mining units such big players of the stock market as Bitfinex and Bitmain.

The danger of large-scale control by the big players

AntPool is Bitmain EOS, EOS engaged in the extraction and included in one large mining pool AntPool. The miners of that pool managed to get the necessary votes, allowing you to enter the number of 21 participants, which were entrusted mining EOS. According to statistics obtained to date in this division of the mining giant has 845 daily produced EOS token, in accordance with the current exchange rate is about $7000.

Leading positions in the ranking of the miners EOS is a “daughter” of another scriptgiant Bitfinex called Bitfinex EOS1, with the daily number of produced tokens in the amount of 1020 coins EOS. It is about $9000 every day.

At this stage it is difficult to determine how significant can become more like the impact of two major players on the block network EOS, but this degree of control is a source of some concern.

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