One of the Universities of Rostov has opened two graduate for block technology


State technical University, Rostov opens two-year master’s students studying blockchain technology, as reported by the press service of the University.

For the past two years, students will master course in intelligent information systems with advanced study of the technologies of distributed registers which will provide the information base on cryptocurrency, cryptomeria and compliance with cyber security in an innovative fintehnology. Intake of students will start this school year.

Future master’s degrees offered in two areas: “Intelligent systems based on blockchain technologies” and “Digital accounting and management”.

Trained students, presumably, can continue to operate successfully in the creation of innovative IT systems similar to those on world markets and to develop a modern system of electronic payments.

As the University administration considered the blockchain technology is a very promising area that is gaining many areas of our life, an in-depth study will help the students quickly realize themselves in the profession, as the demand for professionals in this industry is extraordinarily high on the world market.

The foreign lecturers

The educational program is developed in a joint collaboration with the Cyprus University, and the lectures will be invited and foreign experts. In accordance with the plans of the University, eventually teaching courses according to graduate will be conducted in English.

Not only the technical University, Rostov tries to keep up with the demands of the time. Starting from this academic year, several Russian state universities opened for its students special courses on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, and some intend to conduct master classes with leading experts in this field. Among them: Moscow state University, REU, MIPT, HSE, St. Petersburg state economic University and the University.


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