One of the users of the Augur went to almost half of the profits of the platform


Based on recent data obtained from the decentralized market rates Augur, it follows that since the launch of the project, almost seven months ago, one of users got almost half of the profits derived from the betting platform.

In the ranking of leading contributors to Augur, compiled by security researcher Mike MacDonald, it is shown that an anonymous user has earned on betting Augur the amount of nearly $100,000.

Zigzag of luck

177 transactions the user has received 856,4656 ETH, which is about $99 433 at current market rates. However, there is more interesting data about another user, which indicators look more exciting and took second place in the ranking. He was a profit of $ 136,926 ETH ($15 866) in just 14 bets, which means that, on average, each bet earned him more than $1,000.

In the ranking of the leaders in fourth place is megastudy the user of prisoners 662 deals for Augur and the balance arrived in 84,935 ETH ($ 9 865). On the last 1344-m place was supernovasky a user with 80 transactions, was at Augur, and a net loss of 1311,529 ETH ($ 152,504), an average of approximately $1906 loss per trade. This user, of course, the biggest loser on the platform, Augur.

Use problems

Augur was introduced to the market as a platform that would demonstrate the true value of decentralization, creating an environment without censorship for all types of betting markets. However, shortly after the launch, the activity on the platform began to subside and only the recent launch of Veil Mainnet, is built on the protocols and Augur 0x and provided a growing market for Augur, with the result that the price of REP increased by 38% last week.

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