Opera browser launches cryptocurrency wallet iOS for Ethereum and TRON


The Opera browser has announced the capability to support cryptocurrency wallet, which will allow iOS users to access the cryptocurrency Ethereum and TRON. This news testifies to a wide diffusion of the technology of the block chain, the number of users which can log more than 300 million customers, currently Opera.

The company in December 2018, has created a cryptocurrency browser, named Opera Touch for the Android OS. The new proposal will provide equivalent functionality to the iOS community.

The application Opera browser is designed for Touch interaction in the latest version Web 3.0. The company hopes to provide users with cryptocurrency convenient access point to start using Web 3.0.

Supplement seems mutually beneficial

The company also announced that it will expand support of the cryptocurrency, adding new assets. Currently supported blackany Ethereum and TRON, which was added last.

Justin San, the founder of TRON, said

“We are delighted that Opera is a leading browser with hundreds of millions of users will now be free to support the TRX and other tokens on the blockchain TRON”.

The company sees potential in the future development of decentralized applications (dApps) and plans to provide users with at least twelve other cryptocurrencies. This is likely to be done within the next year, after improving Opera Touch.

Although TRON (TRX) and Ethereum (ETH) will benefit from access to a huge user base Opera browser will also be able to attract new users interested in the integration of wallet browser.

Overall, these partnerships show another step forward in broadening of the influence of cryptocurrency.

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