Payment service BitBay said about maintenance


The representatives of payment service BitBay on his official page on Twitter announced about temporary suspension of its work in connection with scheduled maintenance.

Service to implement cryptocurrency payments will not work, starting from 12.00 till 01.00 13 September 2018, according to Moscow time.

Nothing unusual in this statement, because almost all cryptocurrency platform regularly carry out maintenance of their resources, with the aim of improving safety. BitBay is a very popular cryptocurrency platform and, in a sense, this is a very positive factor that the team is working on platform development, implementing improvements, or engaging in issues.

Routine maintenance or unexpected problems?

But, individual users of concern that the message was posted an hour after the start of the technical work and stop the service. As there was no prior publication about the plans to conduct scheduled maintenance.

From the look in such a way that in the operation of the service an unexpected failure occurred and now the team BitBay forced hastily to eliminate it.

What happened in reality and how much stretch technical work, we can find out tomorrow.

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