PayPal co-founder invests in EOS


The draft EOS for more than a month, from the period of its launch in June, is under the scrutiny of the community, and all actions directly or indirectly related to it are roughly discussed.

Did not remain without attention and the latest round of funding, the company developed the project’s website, among investors, of which was founder of PayPal and co-founder of Bitmain, Peter Thiel. Also their finances was invested in the project billionaire Alan Howard, Louis bacon. The volume of financial investment in the new round are kept secret.

Now cryptocurrency EOS is the fifth largest by market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap.

Despite the numerous doubts which had been expressed about this cryptocurrency project, as it turned out, there are serious financial forces ready to support it.

EOS moving forward

According to the Director of Brendan Blucher, faith in a project of such large strategic investors who are willing to invest in it to support the proposed values for creating a more secure universal cryptomeria, can not fail to inspire new steps in development.

Previously, the company has attracted about $ 4 billion in pre-sale token. However, the launch of the project in June was quite difficult and caused many doubts among investors in the prospects of its development, which has been accused of excessive centralization. But as it turned out, there are still enough large investors who believe in the successful promotion of the project and are ready to invest in it.

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