Platform Augur pays first reward for predictions


After the long-awaited launch of platform forecasting Augur finally came out and paid the first reward for the forecasts, the amount of which amounted to about $20 000.

What is Augur?

After nearly three years of development, the framework of decentralized forecasts Augur, built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to bet on any event ranging from weather forecasts in different regions and ending with the elections of the next President of the United States, and earn tokens platform, finally shows first results.

Platform prediction block uses the Ethereum network and a private token for rewarding users who put their coins REP in different events, if they manage to correctly predict the outcome, otherwise the tokens will be lost.

Augur brings the first results of the forecasts

The team behind the project Augur, announced the achievement of important milestones, noting that “the first forecasts successfully solved.”

It is not surprising that the first market forecasts was associated with the outcome of a soccer match semi-final between France and Belgium at the recent world championship. Co-founder of Augur noted that users who select France as the winner, won about $20,000 in Ethereum, which indicates the first successful project resolution.

Despite the fact that the Augur was launched just last week, he has already managed to gain popularity in kriptonyte, and according to Predictions.Global, more than $1.1 million in the Air supplied to 508 different market forecasts. These figures show how successful the project is beginning to spread, and many users want to take part in various predictions.

The team Augur ambitious plans for the future of the platform, and they expect that the platform will continue to expand, each week increasing the number of its customers.

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