Platform Robinhood has the potential to turn into a financial Behemoth


Trading platform Robinhood zero commissions prepared de facto to challenge Coinbase, in the race for leadership in the cryptocurrency market. Coinbase, despite a barrage of criticism, still remains the leader in the trade of digital currency in America, while Robinhood violated the traditional concept of stock cryptoforge, setting a zero fee.

The two leaders of the market can become competitors. Coinbase is constantly criticized for imposing high transaction fees for users, while on the platform Robinhood not taken any fees for the trading stocks or digital tokens.

Robinhoods facing the cryptocurrency market

Only in January 2018, the company Robinhood announced plans to launch its cryptocurrency trading platform, and February 2018, she began to function. For the week, there were more than 500 000 applications. One of Robinhood’s founders, Vlad Tenev, noted that at zero commissions, they are unlikely to earn money, but their goal is to expand their customers base, as the market kriptoloji well enough serves its customers, and the existing exchanges force users to pay high transaction fees.

Search for specialists in cryptography

According to the list of vacancies the company is looking for specialist on position of engineer of cryptography, which will be responsible for the operation of the project. Many have suggested that this may indicate the company plans to launch full-featured crypto.

The company recently said that the platform has already registered more than four million customers, which indicates significant growth. Even before its launch, critics have repeatedly asked about the meaning of building such a business model, and some even predicted a complete collapse of the company.

However, as we see now Robinhood has all chances to become a potential rival of Coinbase. The company is already discussing with the regulatory authorities the application for obtaining of banking license, as it seeks to offer more traditional financial services. It is clear that the company wants to become a platform offering banking services at the fair trade futures and cryptocurrency.

Strategic planning Ansoff matrix

Strategic planning in accordance with Ansoff matrix, developed by Igor Ansoft in 1957, used by many companies for successful growth and achievement of large scale. He created four cross-matrix, describing the growth of companies based on two main factors: the market and the product or service. Robinhood uses all four vectors of development of the Ansoff matrix:

  1. The market penetration, which means the extension service to the greatest number of customers.
  2. The development of the market. The expansion into new markets in new geographical regions.
  3. The development of the product. Offer to traders the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies, this is the best way to expand the business from existing customers with new product.
  4. The opening of new markets with more new products. Crypto-industry was uncharted territory for Robinhood, and her products are also never offered platform.

All of this opens new perspectives to the platform, making it a potential competitor to Coinbase.

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