Poloniex rule out support 9 cryptocurrencies for American traders


The leading crypto currency exchange Poloniex will no longer support 9 scriptactive for American traders, as due to uncertainty in the regulatory environment, tokens of these projects can be classified as securities, according to the publication Medium.

Poloniex, which was acquired in February of 2018, the largest payment provider Circle, will no longer offer clients in the USA trade the following scriptactive: Ardor (ARDR), Decred (DCR), Bytecoin (BCN), GameCredits (GAME), Lisk (LSK), Gas (GAS), Nxt (NXT), Augur (REP) and Omni (OMNI).

The decision apparently was made on the orders of regulatory bodies, although the Circle is still actively lobbying other scriptactive.

Regulatory issues

The statement of the exchange, in connection with the action noted:

“Today’s actions are the result of regulatory uncertainty in the U.S. market. In particular, it is impossible to be assured that U.S. regulators will not consider these assets as securities. We understand how big a disappointment this will be for our customers and for the crypto community as a whole.”

US customers informed about the completion of the bidding and closing all positions in these currencies until may 29. Poloniex will close operations and deposits for these tokens at 16:00 UTC, but users apparently will still be able to withdraw their scriptactive.

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