Previously hacked crypto currency exchange Gatecoin received a court order for the liquidation


The crypto currency exchange Gatecoin, previously subjected to hacker hacking in 2016, announced he had to immediately stop their activities, noting that the exchange is in the process of liquidation to distribute the assets among the affected users.

The crypto currency exchange from Hong Kong suffered from major hacking in may 2016, when hackers gained access to the hot wallets and Gatecoin was stolen cryptocurrency is worth about $2 million.

According to the team, at that time, the hackers stole 185000 250 BTC and ETH, which accounted for 15% of the total scriptaction Gatecoin. According to CoinMarketCap, today, the amount stolen in BTC and ETH is about $25.5 million

Problems in banking services

In a recent announcement the team Gatecoin has accused the company of Payment Service Provider (PSP) that she in the process of liquidation was not able to handle most of the translation that “nearly paralyzed their work for many months and led to significant losses”.

In Gatecoin said:

“Even after we managed to reduce our losses, replacing the PSP are more reliable companies to handle the translations of our clients in September 2018, the situation has not improved, because the PSP has remained a large part of our funds.”

The exchange explained that he was trying to recover the funds, initiated a lawsuit against the PSP, but she was told that hardly it will be possible to return the funds, which caused financial difficulties, which Gatecoin could no longer perform its operations.

Gatecoin also faced problems in the banking sector in 2017, when it closed the Bank accounts of the exchange without a detailed explanation.

Even in 2015, Gatecoin opened two accounts in the same Bank, one of which was intended for the collection of fees and operating expenses, and the other was used to store customer deposits, and processing withdrawal of funds.

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