Project NEO has received $100 million funding for the development of the ecosystem


The announcement of the funding platforms NEO has been done on Consensus 2019 event, held in new York, where co-founder of the project, but Hongfei presented the next stage of development and revealed the details of the EcoBoost program, which received funding in the amount of $100 million.

Da: We are exhilarated to unveil #NEOEcoBoost $100M funding into NEO’s ecosystem! The goal is to activate seed proj support dApps growth, further infrastructure dvlp & bolster institutional collab. NEOEcoBoost extends beyond funding to tech support, community synergy & promotion

— NEO Smart Economy (@NEO_Blockchain) May 14, 2019

The EcoBoost program is mainly focused on 4 aspects: the initial launch of the project, support the growth of the ecosystem, infrastructure development and institutional cooperation. The program aims to enhance these areas, providing technical support and training, marketing activities, cooperation in developing projects, organizing events, community support and much more.

The goal is to eventually create a strong ecosystem of NEO, because it is vital for any blockchain project.

The next phase is the NEO 3.0

In addition to the announcement about funding in the amount of $100 million, Hongfa presented details about “the next phase of NEO”, called NEO 3.0 – new blockchain NEO, designed to provide an optimal infrastructure for mass adoption.

According to Hongfa, there is a paradigm shift that will allow you to maintain control and ownership of data. He says that it will be associated with a new 4-level Internet, which will include: independent from the content network condition and the level of payment, the transaction level and the application level.

The goal of NEO is the separation of each level in this new paradigm of the Internet and the creation of quality infrastructure, capable of ensuring mass adoption.

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