Reasons Binance Coin (BNB) increased by 75% this month


Binance Coin (BNB) native cryptocurrency exchange Binance, demonstrates a significant increase of 75% over the last month, while the rest of the token market is fighting for survival. What is the catalyst for a BNB?

Over the past month, the tokens BNB showed an increase of 75%, rising from $5,52 to $9,64. More than 40% of the growth came from last week.

Since the beginning of 2019 on fundamentals BNB was exerted a strong influence, since the middle of January. What was the reason for the growth?

Leadership and the decrease in working capital

According to the official document, at the beginning of each quarter Binance burns part of the token BNB, eliminating them from circulation, what consumes 20% of the profits. This burning of the coins acts as a catalyst for the growth of prices, because with a decrease in working capital proposals increased demand.

In addition, Chanping Zhao (CZ), the leader of the Binance, in the period of the bear market, demonstrates the reliability and assurance of the correct choice and creates the impression of a man who knows how to build a successful business. So many cryptosuite were seen in the Binance and its chief Executive a reliable Bastion in a rather unstable cryptocracy.

New projects

Have Binance there are a lot of new projects, upcoming launch, which also pushes the price above its tokens.

Expected to launch its own blockchain Binance called Binance Chain, should open for exchange of a new era, expanding its activities outside the scope of the customary exchange of cryptocurrencies. Now BNB will have their own blockchain, leaving ERC20, and new projects will be able to create their own tokens to a new block network Binance. And it will promote further use of coins of the BNB.

Also important step is to launch a decentralized exchange Binance DEX, which will have all the benefits associated with the decentralized approach to trade, including a high level of security and personal possession of the private keys. In addition, CZ recently announced that listing fees for the new cryptocurrency will be close to $100,000 to prevent the potential “fraudulent or spam of coins.” The project team wishing to obtain a listing, you can pay the fee at the BNB and get a discount.

Platform Binance Launchpad

In addition, the platform Binance Launchpad is designed to run token-ICO, has already started with the recent sales BitTorrent BTT, which was carried out in less than 20 minutes, collecting $7 million.

Through constant innovation Binance, as well as useful integration of its own software tokens BNB stand out among other and growing.

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