Representatives EOS Ethereum transferred $120 million to the Bitfinex team


Evidence of another transaction EOS transfer ETH in the amount of $120 million was discovered Trustnodes in publicly accessible blockchain Ethereum. Now the balance in the accounts of EOS was less than $1 million.

To run the core network EOS and ICO completion of the project is a minimum of time and users alarming similar manipulations with large amounts of roaming project team, not only between private addresses and external exchanges, such as Bitfinex.

Before the end, which lasted about a year ICO, all the funds from his account has been moved to the address with a mark “the owner of EOS”, which at the moment contains 737 000 ETH, which is about $432 million.

Incomprehensible manipulation

In accordance with the data Santiment in the last 30 days EOS team spent about 1.75 million ETH. On the last move of the funds sent to “the owner of EOS” to the intermediate address that starts with 8e5d, it was the amount of 334 000 ETH. Earlier he had sent many outgoing transactions, the last of which contained 150 000 ETH, which, presumably, also went to the intermediate address EOS, which is then trafficked bitcoin on Bitfinex.

As you know, crypto currency exchange Bitfinex provides services for the OTC trading, which gives the opportunity to conduct major transactions without reducing the value of assets. But somehow the team EOS, if it stands for data manipulation, does not use the possibility of OTC trading, preferring to hold everything in network sharing.

A similar situation is observed in the last few days when on a public market Bitfinex were released for sale about 200 000 ETH. The original version of involvement in the sale of one major holder of assets in ETH owning a specific insider information, not yet confirmed.

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