Representatives of the BCH noted the lowest fees on the net over the past 10 months


A considerable advantage of the network of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) consider the fact that transaction fees remain affordable for more than a year, and the average fee does not exceed one cent.

As the developers of the BCH network continues to evolve and in 2019 transaction fees can be even cheaper with the use of a Lightning Network. Over the past 10 months the average value of fees for transactions in the network BCH does not exceed cents. Typically, the transaction size of 236 bytes or less sender cost ranging from $0.001 to $0.008 inch in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash. The fee was slightly higher only in the three-month period, from December 2017 to February 2018, when the price BCH reached a record high.

However, that was before the may fork BCH, which increased the block size from 8 to 32 MB. During the stress tests conducted in the first week of September last year, Bitcoin Cash processed millions of transactions per day, while the fee for services has not increased.

Stress test

September 1, the miners had processed 2.2 million transactions in 24 hours, the next day was followed by 1.37 million transactions, and was subsequently confirmed by 1.67 million transactions.

You would expect that the commissions will start to increase when the network Bitcoin Cash will be processing millions of transactions per day, but the average fee in the network BCH for all three days of the stress test was approximately $0.001 per transaction. Miners BCH at this time produced several large blocks of 4-8 MB, as well as processed blocks of 9, 10, 13, 15, 23МБ.

In the last 10 months fee for bitcoin transaction was less than a cent, and the average daily value exceeded 2/3 cents.

Annual indicators

Throughout the year fee-for-service in the network BCH was incredibly cheap, thanks to the use of various innovations. In the second half of 2018 were issued a large number of applications that use the OP_Return transaction and new transaction codes, additionally, the low fees have greatly simplified the work of developers and end users. Low fee-for-service network BCH, amounting to less than cents, also simplified the sending microtransactions and support crowdfunding charitable organizations such as Eatbch in South Sudan and Venezuela.

Proponents of Bitcoin Cash believe that affordable fees can help to promote-making process because last year the network fees were very low, even for a millionth of the number of transactions.

Despite the fall in prices after the last hard forks and partitioning the network, the team is confident in the advantages of the blockchain.

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