Ripple allocates $50 million for Blockchain University Research Initiative


Startup Blockchain, Ripple, in cooperation with leading universities, announced a new initiative to support and accelerate scientific research, technological development and innovation in the field of technology of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payments.

The launch of new initiatives

Ripple today announced the launch of Blockchain University Research Initiative (UBRI), highlighting more than $50 million in funding for analysis of objects and technical resources of the first wave of University partners UBRI, including:

  • Australian national University College of law;
  • Princeton CITP;
  • CSAIL at the Massachusetts Institute of technology;
  • Technological University of Delft (Netherlands);
  • Fundação Getulio Vargas (Brazil);
  • School of Business the Haas;
  • University of California;
  • IIT Bombay;
  • International IIT in Hyderabad;
  • Korea University;
  • School of business McCombs;
  • Technical University of Austin;
  • University of North Carolina at chapel hill;
  • University College London;
  • The University Of Luxembourg;
  • The Cypriot University of Nicosia;
  • The University of Oregon;
  • The University Of Waterloo.

These academic institutions cooperate with a Ripple in the field of research and technological development of the blockchain, as well as develop a new curriculum dedicated to technology, block chain, cryptocurrency and other areas of financial technology.

The initial allocation programs

At the initial stage of Princeton University to develop a program UBRI, to study the effect of Cryptococcus and blockchain on American politics and other regions of the world. Delft University of technology and the University of Luxemburg will develop a new research program on modular networks.

Under UBRI, Ripple will take part in the FINTECH new initiative on computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of technology and the work of the Artificial Intelligence Lab, focused on ideas such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and international payments.

At the University of Pennsylvania will support the newly established programme of training dual Wharton-Engineering.

“The research initiative of the University Blockchain is a recognition of the vital importance and unique role to play universities in the development of the cryptocurrency industry and technology block networks. This also suggests that University graduates will be fueled by constantly evolving and perfecting the financial market and supply of specialists in this field,” said Eric van Miltenburg, head of Global Operations at Ripple.

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