Ripple shows a rise of 13.4%, leaving competitors behind


Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) never ceases to amaze cryptologist their price hikes, especially noticeable on the background of relative calm in the stock market. Today’s price increase by 13.4% could not go unnoticed.

In the period when the cryptocurrency market continues to remain silent, showing minor fluctuations, the third largest cryptocurrency in the world, XRP sharply increased by 13.4 per cent in recent days, trading at a price of $0.52, with a market capitalization of $21,11 billion of Its 24-hour trading volume also soared to new heights and was registered at $811,3 million

At the beginning of the 24-hour chart the price of XRP was only $0,462, with a market capitalization of $billion. 18,58 Thus, it is clear that the growth of the market capitalization of XRP has increased to a huge figure of $2 billion, in just one day.

Ripple is making gains with new tool

In the month of October, Ripple (XRP) has made a significant rise to new heights, helped by the launch in the same month, a new tool xRapid, the most famous product of Ripple, for commercial use. Although the upward journey, after a few UPS over and even there have been declines in price. But XRP as you can see, does not intend to take the position.

As many believe, in fact, a new price rally is due to the fact that SendFriend announced the launch of usage xRapid. That is cross-border money transfer service, which is aimed at reducing costs and improving the quality of customer service, presumably, we owe today’s growth. It is also believed that the team xRapid closely associated with MIT and Harvard Business School.

In a seven-day chart, XRP cryptocurrency started trading at the level of $0.44, with a market capitalization of $18 billion. However, during the week, the token fell to $0,43, and its market capitalization fell to $17,63 billion.

According to CoinMarketCap, the largest volume of trade Ripple is fixed at Bitbank, where the amount was $112.7 million

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