Rising “extremism” did Craig Wright’s the main villain of the crypto community


Craig Wright and prior to that was considered not the most handsome man in kryptomere since then, as falsely declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto. Controversy surrounding it continued to grow, and many prominent figures of the crypto community regularly teased him. The latest drama unfolding around hard forks of Bitcoin Cash, only exacerbated the situation as many prominent figures have become extremely negative comments about it.

Whether Craig Wright main villain in kryptomere?

It should be noted that Craig Wright is not a positive figure in the community. He receives criticism from all corners, and from many eminent persons of cryptomeria, are outraged by his claims and threats, which he stated in relation to the last hard fork BCH. The most recent threat, when told cryptologist that will collapse the price of Bitcoin to $1000, since BCH is preparing to split and does not agree to support it.

In his threat he said that if the Bitcoin miners will support Roger Faith and Jahan Wu from Bitmain, blocking his project Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), it will aim to Fund a “hash” of war, selling their Bitcoins, and bringing the price to $1000.

This statement caused a lot of criticism. Joseph young, a prominent journalist, noted that if Craig Wright was once just a villain, but now he has become the cancer of the Bitcoin community responding in such a negative way and threatening to derail Bitcoin, starting a hash war.

He said

“First, Craig Steven Wright was the villain. But now he’s just a cancer. It has a negative impact on Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. From hash war, it undermines the resources of both networks. For him, everything is personal, he is a maniac. Don’t support this fool.”

The opposition

The most violent threats Craig was sent to the main rival of Roger’s Faith, declaring him a personal enemy and vowing to destroy it.

In August Vitalik Buterin asked the community BCH not to follow Craig Wright, to avoid the division and offering finally ostraciidae and reject it to offer Craig CashSV Bitcoin, could become a symbol of the defunct cryptocurrency, of which he is a suitable successor.

Right or wrong, comes Craig Wright, time will tell, but he definitely lost his face, having started the battle with all kriptosmartfon.

We will see how to develop hardwork and how he reacts to what is happening.

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