Roger Ver has urged users not to support the action #DeleteCoinbase


Motion #DeleteCoinbase is gaining momentum, attracting more and more participants to its ranks, but Roger Ver did not support the motion, noting the outstanding contribution of the exchange to the popularization of cryptocurrencies.

The movement gained momentum after the acquisition of Coinbase, the company’s analysis of the block chain Neutrino, the founders of which was embroiled in a scandal involving the sale of compromised data of dictatorial governments. Such activities are contrary to fundamental ethical principles and ideals of kriptonyte that promotes privacy and independence from the governments that created a movement #DeleteCoinbase.

Many on Twitter joined the campaign by removing their accounts from the exchange and posting confirmation of their actions.

The message began to spread everywhere with support of the boycott.

Support Coinbase Roger Ver and other users

However, Roger Ver, dubbed the Bitcoin Jesus, was one of the opponents dvijenii not afraid to openly Express their support for Coinbase, arguing that the cryptocurrency exchange has done a lot to encourage adoption of cryptocurrencies in the community.

However, the reaction of the community was quite adamant Faith and a he remembered the days when he was convinced of the reliability of the crypto currency exchange Mt.Gox only a few months before its collapse that led to the loss of 850,000 BTC user.

However, some agreed with Ver, remembering Coinbase with good point of view.

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