Russia plans to take more than 20 bills on cryptocurrency


According to the Chairman of the lower house in the Russian Parliament already in the spring session will be introduced more than 20 bills relating to triptoreline. The laws relate to issues of legal regulation of digital of financial assets and crowdfunding. Parliamentarians will first analyse the quality of the bills before voting for them.

The press release says that the main priority of the Russian Parliament at the next upcoming session will be the digital economy, which will create a platform to enter Russia in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Volodin urged Council members to consider the laws “for the good of the country”, make it a top priority, saying:

“Creating a conducive legal framework for the development of the digital economy has, in many ways, to give us a priority position in the competition among other countries.”

The necessity of enacting legislation overdue

The adoption of these laws would be another step forward towards the use of digital currencies that now is quite an important issue on the agenda for Russia, as the US introduced new sanctions against Russia and the transition to bitcoin may be seen as a way in a sense to help the country.

Not to say that Russia completely banned the use of cryptocurrency, but so far the government’s attitude towards them was neutral-indifferent. However, periodically, against the sector law enforcement agencies have taken certain actions in the form of confiscation crypto ATMs, citing the fact that they can be used for money laundering.

The Parliament has previously made efforts in developing the rules of control over the use of digital currencies in the country, but the adoption of the laws was disrupted. In October, the Parliament closer to the goal, giving private businesses and corporations the opportunity to keep assets on the blockchain. However, the issue of mining was withdrawn. It is hoped that the new package of laws will get a successful framework for action.

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