Russian farmer has created cryptodiran in contrast to banking tyranny


Mikhail Shlyapnikov, original Russian farmer and revolutionary cryptocurrency of the suburban economy of Kalinovo, well known to the Russian community with his eccentricities.

At the time, the issue of his farmer’s money has shocked local officials and by the court he was forbidden to print money, which was in use in Kalinovo. To fall under the sanction of the court to the businessman didn’t like, and he decided to substitute their own cryptocurrency. A decade later, his village is thriving thanks to the advent of cryptocurrencies and resourcefulness of the enterprising farmer.

It was a way to get out from under burdensome credit from state banks.

How it all began

Of a heavyset white-haired man with pleasure depicts a simple peasant, but ten years ago he had his own successful business in Moscow and the Bank “Golden age”.

But after the terrible diagnosis of cancer and long-term treatment, when doctors gave him three months to live, he decided to get away from city life, to change life, to fish and to drink vodka in the end. After three months wanted to try themselves in agriculture, planted the first trees, then after three months new. So for the past 10 years developing his farm. But remembering the terms provided by the doctors, plans to build no more than three months, despite good health.

Now he has a large nursery of 25 hectares, raspberry, hatchery, feed production, poultry. Given the problem of rural lack of money, he invented to enter in the village to use their money to he used as barter payment. For example, 50 he was worth a goose. However, the court banned the circulation of banknotes colony, considering them a threat to the financial system of the state.

This provoked the interest of the farmer to bitcoin and by July 2016 was created CryptoAPI and cryptotokens that in the initial selling caused such an unprecedented boom that all farm the “tokens” were sold out within a few hours.

Russian farmer, an accomplished scriptorially

Contributions from investors were invested in new production provides fisheries, expanded incubator, has developed a draft eco-tourism, building materials purchased for new facilities. In return for their cryptopy investors can buy baskets of organic farm products with free delivery to Moscow and cryptorouters you can buy the moonshine locally produced, which contains in special oak barrels.

Then, in cooperation with the company Waves Platform was developed by a project of this ICO with the issuance of token of Colin. Just a month, the project was able to collect about $1.9 million token Holders are entitled to 10% discount on the entire range of products of the farm, as well as on dividends paid to grocery coupons.

“I don’t want to expand their business, because it provides another level of commitment that I’m not ready. I’m not going to save the world or even Russia, I want to feel comfortable on the ground and share a piece of comfort with the community,” said Mikhail Shlyapnikov in an interview with CNN. The extension, which he says is due to his personal economic Odyssey, was caused by the banking cartels and their double-digit interest rates for credit funds needed by the farmers for development.

Bright cryptocotyle Russian farmer

After holding ICO and thanks to the cryptocurrency Mikhail Shlyapnikov had the opportunity to put some of those colony, which was banned in the cash he can use the court.

Now his cryptomeria has 500 bitcoins in support of its reserve. He is like kidding yourself hatters, you can mine in several ways: manure for the chickens to clean, weed beds or to gather raspberries. That is, the farmer has additionally developed its own concept of mining the colony, which can be extracted in return for labour service.

Many people believe that good fortune by accident. But Russian economic development prospects of agriculture can be considered as successful, since the country is facing growing sanctions by the European States. The village development with the investment of capital by the ICO, is an interesting opportunity not depend on the whims of banks and credit organizations.

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