Russian investors to establish in Norway mining farm near a NATO firing range


The Russian New Mining Company known for its investments in mining industry have made a major investment in the creation of large mining farm in Norway. Plan to install thousands of pieces of equipment for mining cryptocurrency.

A feature of this property is the fact that it is just a few kilometers from the place, which usually hosts major NATO exercise. The construction of the farm will begin somewhere in August, but the Norwegian intelligence service are already interested in the equipment that is arriving containers.

As you know, this project, along with Russian investors, and participating local companies have invested in the project around one billion Norwegian kroner (about $ 125 million).

Russian mining farm in the forests of Norway

It should be noted that the region has already attracted the attention of other representatives of the mining industry from Israel, China, Japan, Kazakhstan and the United States, due to the low electricity rates and a developed communications infrastructure.

However, some people ask why the Russians are so interested in opening a mining farm in Norway, when in Russia there are regions with no less favourable terms for miners? Construction will begin in August and eight containers of equipment have already been delivered to the construction site in the municipality Alvdal.

What’s the problem?

The largest military exercise under the NATO Trident Juncture 2018, will start on 5 October in the neighboring municipality of Tynset, just a few kilometers from the planned construction mining centre. The exercise will involve 40,000 troops and 130 aircraft. As writes the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Russian kryptolebias the proximity of the center to the location of the planned maneuvers of the Alliance, drew attention of the Norwegian secret services, as has already begun preparations for construction work, laid the fibre-optic cables, and the territory itself looks like a career.

Representatives of the company Nordanvind, which controls the construction, already had to meet with Norwegian authorities and provide detailed information about the project.


Vain anxiety

Johnny Andersen, the representative of the New Mining Company in Norway, also tried to defuse the situation saying:

“As far as I know, Russian investors are serious guys, who correctly understand the interest of the Norwegian intelligence to their activities. They are willing to provide equipment for verification and not afraid of anything”

Some believe that this equipment can be used for powerful cyber-attack, although in most cases such attacks are carried out in secret and from a distance. The Norwegian police security service (PST) has confirmed that they know about building a mining farm, but to comment on this event refused.

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