Samourai Wallet forced to remove safety features in the Google Play Store


Developers of mobile wallet BTC Wallet Samourai support privacy announced that it was forced to disable a number of security features because of the new restrictive policy of the Google Play Store.

Yesterday they wrote:

With great regret we inform about disabling certain security features in Samourai Wallet, already with version 0.99.04, the output of which is scheduled tomorrow, due to new restrictive requirements that Google imposes on its efforts to offer “best practices”.

In the number of switchable functions includes: “hidden mode”, “SIM security switch” and “remote SMS commands”. In Samourai Wallet said that they had applied for exemption from the new rules, explaining to the representatives of Google that “the removal of such features will lead to the fact that users will be less protected and more vulnerable”. However, the tech giant rejected their claim.

Three security features to be deleted

The developers noted that Google is absolutely not interested in any of the security benefits offered by the wallet, noting that Samourai Wallet just got removed from the Google Play Store, if they have not fulfilled this requirement.

Three security features that will soon be removed, was part of the Samourai Wallet from the period of its first output in 2015. According to the developers, “to date no other purse does not have these features, and now, most likely, no one will connect them with the hard hand of Google”.

One of the three to be removed, the functions of the “SIM Switch Defense” warned “users about hacking their SIM card because of the extremely low level of security on their network operator”.

Another feature, “Stealth Mode” enables users to hide their apps-wallets from intruders who have physical access to their smartphones.

The last feature, which Google has a problem, “Remote SMS Commands”, enables users who lost their device, remotely wipe your Bitcoin wallet to prevent further loss of funds.

Team Samourai Wallet said that “does not lose hope to return to these functions in the future in the Google Play Store”.

Meanwhile, they intend to renew the offer of all these functions “through alternative distribution methods such as direct download and F-Droid in the coming months.”

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