Samourai Wallet holds the first round of financing


The team Samourai Wallet who are creating Bitcoin applications with a high level of confidentiality received its first round of venture funding.

Founded by two former developers of, Keonna Rodriguez and William hill Katana Cryptographic company that manages the wallet, has received an investment of $100 000 from Cypherpunk Holdings.

The main objectives Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet was created for Android users and specifically designed to increase the level of privacy when using Bitcoin.

“No other cryptocurrency, which would have been as well tested in battle and tempered, such as Bitcoin. Team Samourai Wallet is currently not interested to work on other coins or even other versions of Bitcoins,” said Rodriguez, Director of the Katana Cryptographic in an interview with CoinDesk.

The purse has a number of features that provide more privacy for users, for example, a service that places the staging added to the transaction to create uncertainty as to where did the funds. Another function makes it difficult to track the origin of Bitcoin. The company receives a small fee from users of their services.

In addition, Samourai Wallet provides the service improve privacy under the title “Stonewall” for free. The company also offers a turnkey hardware product called Dojo, is designed to work with a purse.

High scores

According to the company, Samourai is still working on the alpha version. Its first full version is due out in June. According to Rodriguez, the investment will be used to expand its program development, customer service and privacy. They all need improvement, in connection with the growth of the purse.

According to John Carvalho of Bitrefill:

“Samourai clearly willing to go against the foundations to add privacy options for users. If the Bitcoin free money, Samourai — a fighter for freedom.”

Such sentiments have spurred investment. Cypherpunk, a venture capital Fund listed on the Canadian securities exchange, has allocated investments to improve privacy.

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