Samsung Galaxy S10 disappointed the bitcoin community


So actively advertised Samsung Galaxy S10 caused a great disappointment in the bitcoin community, after first receiving a user uploaded video. What may be attractive to the crypto on the phone if he can’t keep Bitcoins, the popular virtual currency on the market — a question asked by many proponents of the first cryptocurrencies. As it turned out, the latest released Samsung Galaxy S10 only supports Ethereum, not Bitcoin.

A lot of excitement around the launch of the Galaxy S10

News about the release of a Samsung smartphone that can store a cryptocurrency that has caused a wave of joy among crypto-enthusiasts. According to preliminary rumors, the function of the Blockchain Keystore will allow you to store different cryptocurrencies. However, unboxing videos, released those who received the device suggests otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet appears to have left out Bitcoin at launch. For now it looks like it’s Ethereum-only! 😮

— CRN (@crn_maximizer) March 4, 2019

Although the launch of the smartphone is scheduled for March 8, the first buyers who were able to purchase the device, made a few videos. One of them shows that S10 only supports Ethereum. It is also unclear whether, over time, improved compatibility with other virtual assets that is based on the standard ERC20.

Time bomb

Numerous perturbations most people, about the fact that currently, the Bitcoin wallet does not support, is not something that is a bone of contention, but a real time bomb. After such a massive advertising like hardly anyone was expecting, considering that Bitcoin is the most popular virtual currency by market capitalization and the active wallet addresses. At the time Opera did the same with their Web browser 3 for Android, which only supports tokens, Ethereum and ERC 20.

As you know, on the Ethereum blockchain has many tokens, and that could lead to such a sudden decision Samsung. Therefore, maintaining the Ethereum, the company could launch and support other tokens in the near future. But many users do not leave the hope that after the next update, the wallet can also keep Bitcoins.

Despite this, the still impressive remains the fact that the well-known smartphone manufacturers have started to design devices based on the blockchain.

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