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Project Tron (TRX) has reached 100 million transactions and launched 39 Dapps

In spite of the prolonged bearish trend on the stock market, where many cryptanalysts revise their forecasts for the end of the year, waiting for that 2019 will be better, the Tron project considers 2018 successful. Rece..

The regulator of Hong Kong intends to introduce more stringent rules for cryptocurrency

Hong Kong financial regulator, the Commission for securities and exchanges (SFC), is planning to introduce tougher rules for business transactions related scriptactive. Although the Hong Kong authorities still relativel..

Owners of start-UPS in doubt scriptactive, but continue to invest

These actions, some can compare with the reckless actions of little children, puts his hand in a jar of candy, knowing in advance that can then be a problem. But the thought of getting sweets so tempting that it is impos..

Investors fear the big problems of the platform EOS

Investors and kryptonsite claim that EOS may be on the verge of collapse, as producers of blocks in big trouble, and the shadow SEC hanging over the project. Corey Miller, investment analyst at hedge Fund Blocktower, ins..

24-year-old Chinese Bitcoin millionaire gave passers-by informed Christmas

It is reported that 24-year-old bitcoin millionaire yesterday staged a winter snowfall money, throwing from the roof of one of the buildings in Hong Kong banknotes, which caused a massive stir among passers-by. Some call..