Scammers have created fake BTC wallet Wasabi


Scammers have created a fake website of the popular Wasabi BTC wallet to which users are redirected when you download the version of wallet for Windows, so potential users should be more careful, downloading client for Windows, this warned the representatives of the wallet in Twitter.

Wallet Wasabi is a bitcoin wallet, which uses the technology “mix your music without limits”, the same as in Tor, to provide users with additional privacy in transactions with Bitcoin.

Twitter stated that identified the attackers, who set up a fake web site that contains the link to download the wallet Wasabi. On the fraudulent web site wasabibitcoinwallet. org lists four versions of the wallet: macOS, Windows, and 2 versions of Linux.

And links on macOS and Linux indicate real wallet Wasabi on GitHub, and a link to Windows will automatically download the. MSI file, transferring the user to a website of the attacker.

The first malware that pretends to be Wasabi:

Notice only the Windows download link points to their own website, the rest is to our GitHub?

— nopara73 (@nopara73) March 21, 2019

Carefully veiled fraud

I wonder what engines could not detect the malware inside the installer.

Oh boy. This is going to be messy:

— nopara73 (@nopara73) March 21, 2019

One of the founders under the name Nopara73 wrote on Twitter that the fake version is not a virus, but very similar to the emerging Scam because the attackers create your database user:

“Users of Linux and OSX will vouch for the site because their software is original, that can create confusion on the forums”.

Answering the question of why the scammers chose the Windows version, he suggested that it might have been too difficult to develop a “modified Wasabi” for other platforms.

Nopara73 noted that the steps already taken to prevent the Scam and now when you install the wallet for Windows will be issued a message: “this software has an unknown publisher.” How it will save users from danger porytsya to the tricks of scammers is still unknown, but it just shows that crypto enthusiasts and investors should strengthen their security measures.

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