Season IEO Binance: in 2019 it all started on the Playground projects are successful


Season Binance IEO launched in 2019 has become highly successful for the projects launched on the platform of the exchange, and to date, this trend has continued, even during the price correction of Bitcoin.

At that time, as all may see the beginning of the season of new growth, projects IEO Binance seem to stubbornly hold their positions when most alithinou throw away price indicators.

Exchange offers tokens (IEO) on Binance had great success in 2019, giving the successful launch of projects such as Harmony (ONE), Celer (CELR), Matic (MATIC), BitTorrent token (BTT), Fetch (FET).

The leaders of today’s market

Four of the eight best to date projects demonstrating significant figures is the Binance IEO projects, including MATIC, tokens of which increased in price by almost 13 times and BitTorrent token with a 10-fold increase.

One of the reasons that altcoins Binance IEO, has not suffered from the recent decline in the market, perhaps, is the hype created around them, since most of the projects launched on Binance, in recent weeks show a huge profit. It seems that they are one of the few that has become a safe haven for investors in making profits, sometimes up to 10x as BTT, even during the bear market.

Ultimately, the Binance was not yet IEO 2019, which would not bring at least a two-fold increase.

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