Services Binance DEX will not be available for users in 28 countries


Binance, by far, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by real volume of trades and a large number of users. This is facilitated by numerous developments, including the launch of a decentralized platform. However, many users will not be able to carry on her trade, as in 28 countries including the United States, they will be denied access to services.

According to one user, he received a message that the location of his IP address was not logged in to search access.

(2/2) This also means if you hold $BNB on a #Ledgerwallet and are located within these 28 countries, that you will need to withdraw it from the Ledger before July 1st, 2019.@Ledger

— Trade Crypto Live (@TCLFirePit) May 31, 2019

In the list of countries includes: USA, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Libya, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, côte d’ivoire, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Yemen, North Korea, Burma and the Crimea.

In addition, the report added that trade and access to the interface of the purse through will not be available from the networks has an IP address belonging to one of the aforementioned countries.

How Binance DEX decentralizovanno

Binance DEX is an attempt to launch a decentralized exchange, which will operate on their own blockchain Binance Chain.

DEX competition among platforms is increasing and the Maltese neighbor Binance, OKEx crypto currency exchange, has also announced its intention to launch its own peer-to-peer platform called OKDEx that will work on its own blockchain OKChain in June.

Despite the message that Binance DEX will not be available in the US, some users access to it remained open. According to their assumption, probably, “VPN will work fine, but if you eventually require the passage of KYC at some point in the future, most likely, all your funds will be blocked”.

According to its users, the platform Binance DEX is far from the traditional understanding of decentralization, therefore, should not expect that it will be possible to get out of a smart contract without anyone’s permission, if we are talking about such bans.

Restrictions for users from certain regions discrediting the notion of DEX.

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