Situation on Asian markets


Monday morning in the Asian markets, almost all cryptocurrencies are in green. At the weekend there has been a slight recovery of the market and the majority of scriptaction still continued to rise. Market capitalization remained above $225 billion and continues to show growth, albeit not rapidly.

Bitcoin for the last couple of days has not changed much in price, which is around $6700, but its market dominance is 51.2%. Ethereum is gradually recovering, rising over the past day another 2.5% to $245 dollars, but still remaining at the lowest level during the year, although the likelihood of further growth remains.

Promotion of altcoins

According to Coinmarketcap, the top ten altcoins in the last day in the green zone, unlike XRP, which in recent days has reduced the pace of its rapid growth. The most successful in the top 10 at the moment is Stellar, the increase of which amounted to 8% for the past day, Cardano increase of 5.5% on the day, Nem and Dogecoin at 5%, Neo — 3,5%.

In the top in the first hundred surprised Siacoin, soaring 21% in 24 hours. Among other altcoins showing a positive trend: ReddCoin, 0x and Bytecoin.

Since last Monday, the markets recovered by more than 10%, adding to a total cap of $20 billion, There is hope that the bottom has been reached, and can now begin the recovery.

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