Skycoin team explained the reason for the gap collaboration with John McAfee


Skycoin team issued a clarification after the famous cryptocurrency supporter of John McAfee announced the termination of cooperation with the platform as an Advisor to Twitter.

After McAfee published ads on social networks, many investors Skycoin was surprised and started asking about the reasons for this step. Some reminded him of the tattoo Skycoin, to which he replied that it will be a good reminder to be careful in dealing with fraudulent projects.

Anyone interested in the causes of the breakup, he offered to send him a direct message.

Team Skycoin afraid to suffer because of the scandalous reputation McAfee

However, the Skycoin team representative explained that the company decided to cease cooperation with McAfee because of its controversial statements on Twitter.

The Skycoin community on Twitter also made a statement, explaining his choice to refuse further services McAfee, it is totally incorrect utterances, which, perhaps, some perceived as a joke to attract the public, while others consider it offensive.

Skycoin is not the only crypto-project, worked with John McAfee. Last autumn he also joined Apollo as President.

In the summer of 2018 he also promoted a lot of tokens in your Twitter account, causing the speculative background.

However, Skycoin seems to be the first team that has decided to stay away from the odious “cryptomaria” and, judging by the comments of other team members Skycoin, it seems that the company is afraid to suffer from a mixed reputation McAfee.

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