Sophos India & SAARC has released recommendations to combat Cryptojacking


Illegal, captaining recently came under the attention of the representatives of the fight against cybercrime, because of its rapid spread associated with a sharp rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies for 2017.

Unauthorized mining, which is carried out illegally, without authorization or certification is a crime called Cryptojacking.

Criminals use different methods and techniques for obtaining remote access to the capacity of unsuspecting users. You can get malware in the computer through the virus link sent by email, which after opening loads cryptographic code on the computer. Alternatively, the malware may be hidden on various web sites and online ads that automatically installs after download in browser and slows down your computer user, taking for their needs its power.

CoinHive is an example Cryptojacking, since this is a JavaScript program that hides on websites and when someone visits your website, it uses computer processing power to use as a miner, such as Monero.


In its recommendations, the representatives of the service of cyber security are advised to follow certain steps to minimize the risk of failure in case of virus attack on your PC and apply the tiered approach to protection:

  • Block the sites that host JavaScript miners on the input and the loading stages;
  • Regularly update the tools web filtering;
  • Prevent the launch of cryptocurrency applications in your network;
  • Always keep your device in good condition to minimize the risk of attacks associated with failures during operation;
  • Use the technology of mobile controls to ensure that unauthorized mobile apps present on your mobile phones and tablets.

Additionally it is necessary to conduct educational work among the employees of the company, explaining the following:

  • Captaining, using the resources or facilities of the company are unacceptable;
  • How dangerous can be traditional malware attacks, such as phishing, and how to protect yourself;
  • The need to comply with robust password policies;
  • If there is a slowdown in the network, perhaps there is unauthorized mining;
  • Grown much the electricity bill may indicate the presence of malicious JavaScript.

According to the company, compliance with these rules will detect illegal mining and curb it at the initial stage.

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