Stable Tether USDT tokens can be bought for USD on the platform


Company Tether (USD), one of the largest manufacturers tablconv on the market, announced that now users can more easily buy tokens Tether for Fiat.

Within 2018 around Tether there have been many different disputes on the issue of new tokens and the availability of their support. However, in a press release Tether reports that the demand for their stable token increased over the last year. Until now, users who wanted to buy tokens USDT, had to do it through the platform Bitfinex, which not all were comfortable. Now, the information published by the company Tether, suggests that users will be able to buy tokens Tether for USD directly in their wallet.

Due to the lack of stability in captainshitto Tether always managed to maintain a stable price of $1=1 USDT, which could not affect its stability in recent months. There was a period when the price is stable token fell below $0.9 dollar. Company Tether were able to recover the value of their tokens, but millions of dollars were withdrawn from circulation.

Sale without intermediaries

After the conclusion of the service agreement with the new Bank, Tether decided to return to his original vision on the use of purse to itself to provide services for the sale of tokens to users.

The company noted:

“Now, thanks to a strong banking support from Deltec, Tether can return to its original vision of using the wallet to buy tokens directly on its own platform, without having to rely on a third party. This update will allow for instant sharing Tether USDT for Fiat in the ratio 1: 1 in the near future”.

However, users who want to have access to these functions will require at least $100,000, as the company creates the service while professional traders and investors. In addition, the crypto currency exchange Bitfinex announced that its customers can directly buy the tokens in the pairs USDT/USD and EURT/EUR.

At the time of writing, the Tether has a market cap of $1.82 billion

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