Stablecoin EURS received support for HitBTC


For a short period after start-up is pegged to the Euro, stablein EURS has achieved a big popularity as one of the largest kryptomere HitBTC has added its support to the token. The project was launched in the beginning of this month in Malta blockchain startup STASIS with the aim of bridging the gap between traditional financial system and the decentralized cryptocurrency market.

After the launch of Gregory Klumov, the founder and Director of STASIS, said the project was held due to the high demand of institutional investors for stable tokens that are pegged to the Euro:

“We saw a lot of interest from institutional investors who seek first and foremost the security and the transparency of the market. They seek to reduce the volatility of scriptaction included in their portfolio. These investors regularly take part in ICO, but with the traditional banking system there is no possibility to immediately transfer the funds required for such investments. Due to the EURS users got the ability to be flexible and to immediately execute the transaction. The creators of the stable token are committed daily to report on the inventory of tokens to all investors could be assured that their tokens are backed by real money”.

High demand for stabilini

Institutional demand for stabilini seems genuine, because despite the recent launch of the project, he added to HitBTC.

Despite the fact that HitBTC has recently been criticized by John McAfee, founder of McAfee on cyber security, which hit the crypto currency exchange with a stinging attack, accusing it of inflating charges, it remains a very popular cryptobiina with a large number of users.

In response, the HitBTC has published a note explaining their working algorithm for the removal fees and also asked McAfee to share your views how you can replace this algorithm for the best.

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