Startup Havven announced the launch of stablon network EOS


Australian blockchain startup Havven offering interconnection charges have been announced upcoming plans to connect its stablein, pegged to the us dollar, to block network EOS.

The initial start of the stable tokens were launched in block of Ethereum, and in the end the team intends to carry out the transfer on the blockchain EOS. Interesting is the fact that the main aim of the team sees not transfer from one blockchain to another, and in the view stablon on two blockchains at the same time as the mission of the project is to create a firewall of a stable cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrencies have a long way to recognition

“At this stage of cryptocurrency is at the very beginning of its development and it is difficult to determine which of the blockchains will be successfully scaled up. That’s why it’s so important to create projects that provide infrastructure firewall compatibility. Their success will depend on successful development of any particular network,” said Cain Warwick, founder of Havven.

Stabilini are optimal for the users of cryptocurrencies, which due to their binding to specific Vietnam money reduce the risks of volatility, which is important in light of the sharp fluctuations in the cryptocurrency courses in the digital market.

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