Study: Europeans behind South Africa and Malaysia in the number of cryptological


Interesting data of their research was published in the company Luno. According to them, countries such as South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia ahead of many European countries in terms of the popularity of the cryptocurrency and the number of citizens owning scriptactive.

In accordance with research, the number of cryptological in Indonesia is 40%, in Malaysia – 39% and in South Africa — 29%. The levels of awareness is also quite high and made for Indonesians 63% of Malaysians 57% of South Africans 69%.

The performance of European countries is less impressive. Only 27% of respondents said that they are the owners of the cryptocurrency, and they know about it, only 39%.

In other countries awareness is higher, so in Germany it is 49%, France 37% and in Italy 50%. Cryptocurrency but has only 9%, 19% and 14% of the population of these countries respectively.

Many Europeans have noted that their level of knowledge in cryptocurrency transactions are low enough to implement the crypto operations or to use it in everyday life for shopping. Experts Luno, a survey conducted in almost all European countries, however, the researchers did not specify which group of respondents participated in the survey. Or was it random people from the street or the survey was conducted among office workers and IT professionals.

The same applies to the inhabitants of Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia. Although it was noted that the main emphasis was to study the level of awareness of the crypto currency among the population of South Africa, but high levels this country can testify about the selective choice of respondents.

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