SWIFT denies rumors of collaboration with Ripple


SWIFT denies rumors about the integration of Ripple software solutions and technologies to carry out their financial transactions.

These assumptions appeared on the background of the company about upgrading its standards, as many assumed for your updates GPI SWIFT, the international payment platform will use RippleNet and xRapid, a solution based on XRP, to perform cross-border payments.

Apparently, the rumors and speculation on the matter emerged after representatives of the Ripple took part in the conference Swift Sibo held in Sydney, Australia. Then began to appear other history, such as the news that a former employee of SWIFT joined Ripple. Many of the community’s upbeat Ripple began to speculate that companies are preparing for joint cooperation and soon it will be announced.

Ripple has nothing to do with updating SWIFT

However, discussion of such opportunities and the spreading of rumors was discontinued after interview with a representative of SWIFT edition Finance Magnanes, who said:

“I don’t know where are these rumors, but a forthcoming update of the standards has absolutely nothing to do with RippleNet. Its main purpose is to provide a special payment link for tracing (UETR) which will allow banks to track payments in real time.”

However, the XRP price rose significantly last week, an increase of almost 20%.

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