Swiss stock exchange opens a new era for the market of cryptocephala


SIX, the owner and operator of the Swiss stock exchange, launches new, fully adjustable cryptome, despite the decline in the prices of cryptocurrency, marked the beginning of the year.

According to the Director General, of Jos of Düsseldorf, what is happening in the digital space has not changed and the phenomenon of cryptocurrency came into our world for a long time.

SIX, the company which owns and operates the Swiss stock exchange, today announced plans to create a crypto currency exchange that will operate fully in accordance with the regulatory rules, providing the possibility of safe use of its platform for institutional investors, who are interested in scriptactive, despite lower prices. New crypto currency exchange from SIX will be monitored by the Swiss national Bank and Swiss regulator FINMA, said in a statement.

Switzerland is one of the most friendly jurisdictions

Switzerland remains one of the most friendly jurisdictions for kriptonyte in Europe, with a clear, but rather democratic regulatory rules that allow you to open a new era to create a modern infrastructure for capital markets.

Investors and entrepreneurs working in Cryptoprotected say that institutional investors are willing to enter into a new cryptosphere and need only a reliable infrastructure that would allow them to safely create their accounts and make trading decisions without fear for the safety of funds.

Start trading platform of SIX scheduled for the first half of next year, when the exchange will be able to offer its clients a fully transparent trade and storage of digital assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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