Switzerland is concerned about the outflow of cryptomery


Earlier, one of the most friendly in terms of kriptonyte countries are seriously concerned about the outflow of companies working in this field, said the publication Reuters.

Representatives of the cryptocurrency industry moved to countries where better interaction with the banking sector, because Swiss Central Bank has refused to open and maintain their accounts. The Swiss Canton of Zug has created the most favorable tax and regulatory conditions for the opening of cryptocurrency companies, for which he received the name Triptocaine. It has registered more than 200 companies that have brought great revenues to the region in taxes.

Obstacles on the part of the banking sector

However, the Swiss traditional financial institutions, including the national Bank, quite skeptical about digital currency, considering them to be most associated with the laundering of money obtained by criminal means.

Despite its virtuality, the cryptocurrency sphere is quite strongly dependent on cooperation with the banks and operate with Fiat currency, so the complexity of using Bank accounts negatively affect the business. Because of the current situation of the cryptocurrency, the company began to transfer their offices on the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and Liechtenstein.

Despite these problems, Switzerland did not lose hope, continue to occupy a leading position in attracting the cryptocurrency industry.

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