Talented developers are leaving the tech giants for cryptomery


Olaf Carlson-Wee, head of the company Polychain dealing with investments in cryptoprocta, noted that major technology giants like Facebook and Snapchat, losing their top talented developers who go into the field of blockchain technology.

What we see is absolutely natural outcome for many major tech giants including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, where employees do a high level of professionalism, which are now beginning to launch a new cryptocurrency startups.

Olaf was the first employee hired by the crypto currency exchange Coinbase and worked as the head of risk management Department and products for three years, before creating his Foundation Cryptographic Financial and Polychain.

He notes the importance of the professionalism of the developers when creating new apps, because, in most cases, the industry built by outsiders with little technical knowledge and little capital. He is a graduate of the faculty of sociology and understands that “the best things are building people who are deeply and unconditionally care about what they do.”

Tech giants and the blockchain

In April 2018, three of a Google employee left the company, to create a community of blockchain Blockchain xGoogler Alliance (GBA), noting that they intend to share their unique experience in expanding the influence of modular technology.

But it should be noted that the tech giants don’t completely ignore the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. So Google Inc., parent company Google announced in March 2018 that it works on the technology associated with the block network.

IBM remains the leader in this field, participating in the financing of the blockchain startup Digital Assets Holdings even in 2016. Then the company continued developing the project Hyperledger in partnership with Linux.

Last month Microsoft also collaborated with EY when you create a blockchain project, which would have solved the problem of the rights to the content and management of royalties for its use.


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