Team cryptoprocta Grin voted to make rates for the third developer


At the weekly meeting of developers, team project emerging Grin voted to make a monthly payment for Peverell, in the amount of approximately $10 000. According to CoinMarketCap, with treatment order 4919040 token, the estimated market capitalization of cryptocurrencies GRIN is more than $13 million.

Grin is a relatively new blockchain project, emerged in mid-January with the aim to implement Protocol for privacy-enhanced “MimbleWimble”, intended for the impossibility of tracking data about the transaction such as amount and the address of the account. Nick Ignotus Peverell, came from curses used by the characters in the books John. K. Rowling about Harry Potter.

“Risky employment”

In the community Grin Peverell was one of the original creators of the project, which is still in 2016, introduced the first implementation of the Protocol MimbleWimble on GitHub.

Developer under the name “Antioch Peverell”, also taken from the work of Harry Potter was adopted by the community on the bet at the end of February. The “Yeastplume” was the sole developer Grin working full time.

In an interview with CoinDesk Yeastplume said:

“There is no (official) posts. We just keep working on what we think is right and still working fine.”

Developer Yeastplume also noted that the funding for the development of Grin is “risky employment”, with the financial support of the project rests on the donations.

The upcoming audit

At the meeting, the project team has also been confirmed by the “contract and payment” audit firm Coinspect.

Earlier, having decided to conduct a third party audit “of the cryptographic code of the project,” community members Grin unanimously preferred Coinspect among other auditors.

Paying the advance payment to the company of approximately $17 000, the community expects a preliminary report by April 20. As stated on Github, the total estimated cost of the audit will be approximately $80 000.

“It will be fast. They have produced an excellent report about the vulnerabilities,” said Ignotus Peverell.

Funds will be allocated from the “Grin General Fund”, who in December last year gathered of 17.28 BTC, especially auditing security. At the moment it is about $66 500.

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