Team EOS is accused in the attack on the Ethereum network


The application developer dapp accused the team of EOS in deliberate organization network congestion Ethereum via airdrop a random token, which seems to be not supported in any project.

Developer Casto, from the team that launched two games Dapps called PoWH3D and Fomo3D, said in an interview:

“I myself, and many other professional developers of applications based on Ethereum, and have always assumed that EOS will attempt to blow up gas tariffs in the network, to verify the success of the launch of its platform. Without fail, every day, until the launch platform for the EOS, which took place on June 6, the price of gas has increased due to airdrop different tokens, and we are talking about thousands of tokens is not known to anyone, having neither web sites nor information about their projects that were created overnight. This happened before the launch of EOS and the 6th immediately stopped, and gas prices fell to normal levels”.

Strange manipulations with the network

25 Jun network Ethereum started to reboot again very peculiar way in which the transaction consumes much more gas than usual.

In the midst of soaring interest in Cyrptokitties in December, Ethereum processed approximately 1.4 million transactions per day with a fee in the amount of slightly less than $1. Now it handles about 500 000 transactions, but the Commission is not increased.

As noted Jasto if the data manipulations are the work of EOS, who still has $2 million a day to attack on Ethereum via airdrop, and who owns enough tokens, subject EOS?

He says he manually examined some of these tokens, their financing and the movement, and found that they do not have any functions or anything else financed with an address that has “a large number of references to EOS”. Some of them consume up to 20% of the Ethereum network, moving their tokens across the network and back.

All this greatly hinders the work of Ethereum, and such inhibition with a relatively small number of transactions looks a bit strange.


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